Copyright 2001 by Grant Carrington

A#m . . . . . F . . A#m . . . . . F
Carrion Crow. Carrion Crow.
A#m . . . F . . . C . . . . . . Am . . . C . . . Am
Will you tell me what you know, Carrion Crow?
D . . . . . . G . . D . . . . . G
I've been flying over the land,
D . . . . . . G . . . . . . . C . . . . . . . . E . . . C . . . . E
Over the lakes and the mountains grand, Desert sand.

Carrion Crow. Carrion Crow.
What did you see? Where did you go? Carrion Crow.
I saw people dying from shame.
They'd forgotten their country's name. Who's to blame?

Carrion Crow. Carrion Crow.
Do you know where the Four Winds blow, Carrion Crow?
The Four Winds blow 'most everywhere,
Through the dark and polluted air. Does anyone care?

Carrion Crow. Carrion Crow.
Will you tell me where the rivers flow, Carrion Crow?
The rivers no longer run so free.
They carry the poisons from you and me To the sea.

Carrion Crow. Carrion Crow.
Do you know why the cities glow, Carrion Crow?
The cities burn from the tired and poor,
Who've been driven to hunger's door. What for?

Carrion Crow. Carrion Crow.
Will you tell me, please, who's the foe, Carrion Crow?
The enemy's those who falsely lead,
Those who take more than they need. It's all from greed.

Carrion Crow. Carrion Crow.
How much longer must this thing grow, Carrion Crow?
As long as you will not take a stand,
As long as you will not lend your hand,
It'll grow and expand All over the land.

Feel free to perform this song in public, as long as you mention who wrote it. (A mention of the CD, Songs Without Wisdom, and the fact that it can purchased from would be appreciated too.) If you want to record it, however, you will have to cross my palm with silver. My brother-in-law comes from Sicily.