Copyright 2001 by Grant Carrington

E . . . . . . . . A . . . . . E . . . . . . . . A
You were a swallow high on the wing.
You were a diamond without its ring.
You were a shower on a warm day in spring.

. . . . . . . B7 . . . . A . . . E
And my life was a gentle thing.

I was a young lad, just having his fling.
I was a suitor, with no flowers to bring.
I was Charlemagne. Yes, I was a king.
And my life was a gentle thing.

We were the stars of an April morning.
We were a boy and a girl on a swing.
We were the birds that so sweetly do sing.
And my life was a gentle thing

Feel free to perform this song in public, as long as you mention who wrote it. (A mention of the CD, Songs Without Wisdom, and the fact that it can purchased from www.cdbaby.com/carrington would be appreciated too.) If you want to record it, however, you will have to cross my palm with silver. My brother-in-law comes from Sicily.