Copyright 2001 by Grant Carrington

E . . . . . . . . . . . . . Am . . . . . . . . . E . . . . . . . . . Am
Well, baby, I don't know why you went the other day.
Why you up and left me, I honestly can't say.
Maybe you'll be back. Probably you'll stay away.

B7 . . . . B#7 . . . . . B7
It don't matter any more.

Tomorrow I'll be leaving, with the morning star.
I'm gonna start my rambling; I'm gonna travel far.
If you want to find me, just look in any bar.

It don't matter any more.

Well, you know, babe, that I am not the kind of guy to boast,
But I have travelled from east to west coast.
Travellin's the thing that I used to like the most.

It don't matter any more

Maybe out upon the road, I'll find a place to hide.
Maybe I'll learn to stop tryin' again the same damn things I've tried.
Maybe I'll find a woman who will travel by my side.

Then things might matter once more.

Feel free to perform this song in public, as long as you mention who wrote it. (A mention of the CD, Songs Without Wisdom, and the fact that it can purchased from would be appreciated too.) If you want to record it, however, you will have to cross my palm with silver. My brother-in-law comes from Sicily.