The Closest Thing to a Home

a one-act play by Grant Carrington

Production, Arbutus 7/27/91- (BPF)

    Given a reading by the Baltimore Playwrights Festival, probably at the Fells Point Corner Theatre, on October 27, 1987, and given a full production by the Arbutus Theatre Company in Catonsville, Md., opening on July 27 as part of the 1991 Baltimore Playwrights Festival.

    A wanderer returns to his home town to be rejected by his former girl friend, who has learned to live her life without him or anyone else except her son . . . who wants to leave home.

One act, one set. 3 men, 17-45; 1 woman, 35-45. reading 10/27/87 Production, Arbutus 7/27/91- (BPF)