Good Servants Are Hard to Find These Days

by Grant Carrington

    "Good Servants Are Hard to Find These Days" was published in the March 1975 Amazing Science Fiction.

    This is another Clarion story. Clarion 69, I think. It was originally titled "Robeatnik." It sold to Worlds of Tomorrow, which quit publishing before printing it (or paying me). (The first of several times something like that has happened to me.) Eventually Ted White bought it after seeing the first version at a workshop we used to have at Tom Monteleone's condo in Greenbelt.

    Former Associate Editor Carrington offers a pointed fable about companionship and its price . . .

    "You know, man, what you need is a chick,"Eddie said. Tom Gibbs pictured his apartment filled with dozens of yellow balls of down. It didn't appeal to him.