by Thomas F. Monteleone & Grant Carrington)

U.F.O.! was performed by the Sandy Springs (Md) Players in 1979 (one performance) and by the Fells Point Theatre in Baltimore as the very first production of the first year of the Baltimore Playwrights Festival in the summer of 1982.

As a prank, Vincent, a college senior, calls in to a radio talk show to verify the guest's visit to another world via UFO. Vincent is soon besieged by UFO "investigators," since (1) very few people have visited the same world as other UFO abductees and (2) he's a "University Graduate" instead of the usual handymen, etc. Vincent is asked to be the featured guest at a UFO convention and goes although his best friend and his girl friend are beginning to grow distant as Vincent himself begins to believe in his own prank. At the convention, during his speech, he realizes what he's beginning to lose and denies his visit, although the UFOlogists don't want to believe it.
4 college age students (2 male 2 female), 3 investigators (all male, 30+), one secretary (male/female). 3 acts.


LEO KNIGHT as Vincent Manzarra
DAVID ROBINSON as Jerry Leshinsky
SUSAN CARNOCHAN as Lisa Consiglio
BRIAN WEST as Phil Storm
JAMES FARRIER as Delano Hoover
GLORIA HENDERSON as Telephone Caller
DENNIS JORDAN as Gerald Macklin
JOHN BLAIR as Randall McTavitt
BILL BUSH as Captain Leek
BEAU RHODES as Jonathan Beederbeck

Directed by Brian West
Bob Schroeder, Linda Monteleone, Stage Managers
Gloria Henderson, Lights and Sound
John Blair, Graphics
Set Construction by Brian West, Chuck Kandalis, Bruce A. Smith,
Jane O'Neill, Casey Virochek, Al Tyler

U.F.O.! photos